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Combination Ovens

  • 3 cooking modes: convection, steam and combination
  • Provides consistent results every time
  • Easy to use—Easy to Program
  • With the use of combination convection and steam the possiblities of creating an expanded menu are greatly enhanced
  • Available in gas and electric
  • Countertop Models Avaliable

Combi  ovens have the adaptability, reliability, and efficiency to become the focus of any quality restaurant and/or high volume restaurant  catering company.  Combination Ovens allows a restaurant to add versatility to its menu, many of these units are not only convection, steaming, combination, but also great holding cabinets.  Now you have four pieces of restaurant equipment in one small footprint under your valuable hood space.   Combi Ovens give you the options to grill, low-temp cook, roast, steam, proof, rethermalize, hold, or bake.  On top of that all the Combination Ovens we sell come with an energy efficient rebate from San Diego Gas & Electric.  Most of these Combi ovens come with either button controls to sophisticated Ipod/touch screen type controls that are full programmable by fan speed, temperature, humidity, and time down to a micro-manageable level that is still manageable.  Our opinion is that the technology has become good enough to be easy to use without taking out the user manual every time, but we can get demo units so if you would like to try it out let us know. 

Recommendations :  Always buy a filtration system that will be able to clean the water, As most of us in Southern California and most of everywhere the water here is hard and to maintain ones investment a water filtration system is a vital component to a healthy efficient Combination Oven.


Combination Ovens
Image Name Price  
Rational Combi Oven CM Series Rational Combi Oven CM Series
CombiMaster, full or half sized, electric, manual controls for steam, convection & combi, (6, 10, or 20) 18"x26…
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Piper HMG 200 Series Combi Ovens Piper HMG 200 Series Combi Ovens
Combi - Convection Steamer w/Boiler, gas, (20) steam table pans, P controls, 99 programs (9 cycles in automatic sequence…
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