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Commercial Restaurant Salamanders

Restaurant quality salamander are an over fired broiler that is usually fixed to a wall or on the top shelf of a range underneath the restaurant hood. 


Salamanders for the commercial restaurant application come in a variety of sizes, anywhere from 24” up to 72”

Usually 3 or more rack cooking positions are designed into restaurant quality salamanders, allowing complete customization on how close the food is to the heating element. 

Heating elements can come as either infrared, or radiant in a gas salamander, in electric they are either a metal sheath, radiant’s, or solid sheathed.

Gas or Electric options are available

Restaurant Salamander can be configured as countertop, range mounted, or wall mounted.

Exterior Finish can either be all stainless steel or painted with some stainless steel.

The difference between Restaurant Salamanders and Restaurant Cheese Melters

Restaurant Cheese Melters are designed to only melt cheese and are not rated or designed to cook foods, these units are only to be used to finish dishes before they are ready to be served to the customer.  The Restaurant Salamander not only finishes but can also cook food as well because the BTU’s are much higher than that of a restaurant cheese melter.  The salamander broiler is considered more of a multi-purpose broiler than a cheese melter.

Coast Restaurant Supply & Design offers commercial restaurant salamanders from Royal Range of California, Rankin-Delux, Imperial Range, and Southbend Range.



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Imperial Range Salamander Imperial Range Salamander
Salamander Broiler, gas, Restaurant Range Match, 24" or 36" wide, infrared type burners, adjustable spring bal…
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