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Stock Pot Range

Commercial Restaurant Stock Pot Ranges

A commercial restaurant Stock Pot Range is a piece of restaurant equipment usually with one or two burners used to heat up stock pots quickly.  They are different from standard restaurant hot plates by they have much larger burners and usually have two manual controls per burner one for the outside burner, one for the inner one.  This allows for greater control of the amount and intensity of heat on the restaurant stock pot.  These oversized restaurant hot plates are typically used to cook stews, sauces, and pasta. 

Stock Pot Ranges for now are exclusively Gas only.  A commercial grade restaurant quality induction hotplate might be an alternative to a stock pot range depending on application. 

Dominions range depending on the amount of burners but typical restaurant stock pot ranges are 18” Left to Right so keep that in mind when filling up your hood space.   

Stock Pot Range
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Royal Range Restaurant Stock Pot Range Royal Range Restaurant Stock Pot Range
Stock Pot Range, Gas, 18", 24", or 36" high, 18" wide, (1 or 2) 3 ring burner w/cast iron top or and…
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